About Attentive Behavior Care

Kaitlin Causin
Chief Clinical Director

Maria Pantelides
Assessment & Treatment Specialist

Mission Statement

Attentive Behavior Care (ABC) is a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence comprised of behavior technicians,supervisors (e.g., Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs), and a strong administrative team who work together to provide ABA services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). We specialize in providing intensive, individualized, treatment rooted in the principles of ABA in order to meet our patients’ needs. Our treatment plans focus on increasing skills that will lead to increased opportunities, involvement, and independence while simultaneously decreasing problem behavior and other barriers to learning.

Our mission is to decrease the challenges faced and enhance the lives of individuals with ASD and their families by providing one-to-one instruction, group treatment, education, training, guidance, and resources.

Core Values

Every patient has the right to effective treatment that is rooted in the evidence-based literature of the science of ABA. Treatment must consist of an in-depth assessment to select goals and objectives which target socially significant behavior.

Every patient has the potential to learn new skills and the right to acquire meaningful repertoires measured by a consistent data collection system and systematic review.

Every patient has the right to programming and treatment which increases access to reinforcers, opportunities for rewarding personal relationships, well-being, productivity, independence, and community involvement while decreasing barriers to learning.

Every patient has the right to treatment that is provided within the context of what is legal, ethical, and best practice.

Parents/caregivers have the right to be involved throughout every facet of the assessment, treatment, transition, and discharge process through effective communication and active participation.

Every patient has the right to a treatment team of qualified, highly trained professionals.

Scope of Practice

Attentive Behavior Care agrees to only provide treatment that is within our scope of practice and area of expertise. For that reason, ABC will only provide treatment based on the principles of ABA. Goals/objectives will be determined solely based on the results from our assessment, parent/caregiver input, medical necessity, and other factors that may influence the development of an appropriate ABA treatment plan. All treatment goals must be related to the core deficits of ASD. ABC does not provide respite, babysitting, or tutoring services of any kind.

ABC providers agree to only provide treatment that is within the boundaries of their competency, defined as being commensurate with their education, training, and supervised experience.

ABC providers will only be expected to perform the duties and responsibilities as outlined by their job description from ABC.

Attentive Behavior Reaccredited for 2-Year Term as Top Behavioral Service Provider

Attentive Behavior was presented with an Award of Distinction as a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence and named as a Top National Behavioral Service Provider in 2016. We are proud to have earned a 2-year reaccreditation for 2018-2020. The award recognizes that the agency excels in the areas of clinical quality, patient satisfaction, and staff satisfaction, qualifications, and expertise. This distinction was awarded via a wide-range audit, including interviews with clinical leadership, detailed staff qualification review, anonymous staff satisfaction survey, and anonymous patient satisfaction survey. The agency has been recognized as an ethical, effective, high quality program that is an invaluable resource to the autism community.

Attentive Behavior Care is pleased to announce that we are a BACB® Approved Continuing Education (ACE) Provider

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