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Attentive Behavior Care believes quality services depend on the providers. Our team of experienced BCBAs is dedicated to this mission.

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Now hiring for qualified behavior therapists and BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) in the Metro NYC area.

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Attentive Behavior Care
Together , your child will reach new heights

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Making breakthroughs, helping children and their families with autism and ABA therapy.

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Individualized and data driven plans

Attentive Behavior Care knows the importance of data on to track your child’s progress. Every child is unique so our team of professionals continually assesses every child's needs and implements a specialized program for each child.

Highly Trained Professional Staff members

Attentive Behavior Care provides the latest ABA methods, data collection, ethical issues and training to all of our staff members

Parent Involvement

Attentive Behavior Care provides ongoing training and guidance to parents. We welcome input and feedback regarding your child’s ABA program.

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